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CNC routers are al­ready pretty smart: Just pro­gram your cut and let the ma­chine take over. But they’re also big. And ex­pen­sive. With the new Shaper Ori­gin, the world’s first hand­held CNC router, you can cut out in­tri­cate CAD work any­where you want. You have to add special mark­ing tape to your work sur­face to help Ori­gin ori­ent it­self, but af­ter do­ing that and up­load­ing your de­sign (you can cre­ate it your­self or crib it from the free op­tions on Shaper­hub), the tool does all the real work. Select your router bit, en­ter the depth of the cut, and start. Cross hairs on the screen dis­play the op­ti­mum line to fol­low. And if you sneeze or some­thing, the bit au­to­mat­i­cally re­tracts, mak­ing it very dif­fi­cult to mess up. The Ori­gin re­tails for around R36 500 at shaper­ – Dan Dubno

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