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If your house has older alu­minium win­dows, then you may have some where the han­dle has bro­ken loose from the base. This is an in­con­ve­nience, but all is not lost.

1.As long as the cen­tre pivot stub has re­mained in­tact, here’s how to re­pair your latch. A miss­ing cen­tre stub is an­other story en­tirely. 2.Drill the hole out to 4 mm. 4. 3.Don’t take the tap all the way; just tap un­til the tip is level with the base. This will en­sure that the cap­screw sits tight in the tapped hole.Tap the hole us­ing an M5 × 0.8 plug tap. 6.As­sem­ble, us­ing an M5 × 15 or longer cap­screw. Tighten it un­til the han­dle piv­ots, but does not flop around. ( I hap­pened to have a stain­less cap­screw in stock.) If you can get a but­ton­head cap­screw, those look bet­ter. 5.Drill the re­tain­ing washer out to 5 mm. 7. 8 a n d 9.If your cap­screw is too long, use ei­ther a hack­saw or your Dremel to cut it flush with the un­der­side of the base. Now cen­tre-punch the cap­screw to pre­vent it from com­ing loose. Fi­nally, re­fit the re­paired latch to the win­dow and en­joy a rat­tle-free night.

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