Use it to store a screw­driver set or your paint­brushes. Or pen­cils.

Popular Mechanics (South Africa) - - Products - By Roy BEREND­SOHN

1/ Find a nice straight piece of 19 × 140 mm white pine, 2.4 m long, and then use a cir­cu­lar saw to cross­cut a 1.2 m piece from it. Rip the piece to 100 mm on a ta­ble saw.

2/ Square one end of the piece to 90° on a mitre saw. Start­ing from that end, cross­cut the two sides (A) to 300 mm long. Cut the bot­tom (C) to 267 mm.

3/ Set the fence on the ta­ble saw to 82 mm from the blade. The odd di­men­sion gives the ends ( B) the clear­ance they need to al­low the lid to slide over them. Rip the last 300 mm or so of the 100 mm-wide piece of pine to this width. Then cross­cut two 100 mm pieces to make the box ends.

4/ Take the re­main­ing 1.2 m piece of 19 × 140 mm pine and square one of its ends on the mitre saw. Cross­cut a 330 mm piece for the lid ( D), then rip it to 112.5 mm wide on the ta­ble saw.

5/ Set the ta­ble-saw blade to 6.4 mm high and mea­sure 178 mm from the fence to the out­side of the blade. ( Note: That 178 mm di­men­sion is to the out­side of an out-lean­ing tooth.) Test the height of the cut on scrap un­til cor­rect, then run the sides (A) through the saw. Widen the groove to 6.4 mm by mov­ing the saw fence to­ward the blade and run­ning the sides through. Re­peat if nec­es­sary.

6/ Clamp the lid (D) se­curely to a work sur­face and use a 13 × 13 mm ball-bear­ing router bit to cut a rab­bet into each of the lid’s long edges. Cross­cut the lid to 300 mm to re­move any rough­ness on the ends cre­ated by rab­bet­ing.

7/ Clamp to­gether the sides (A) and ends ( B). Drill the pi­lot holes for the 35 mm No 6 wood screws that will fas­ten the pieces at each end, then drive in all the screws. Test-fit the bot­tom. If it doesn’t fit, trim its length or width, then spread car­pen­ter’s glue on its edges and tap it in.

8/ Drill a 19 mm fin­ger hole in the lid ( D) with a spade bit. If the lid feels a lit­tle too tight to slide, ad­just the rab­bet, not the groove, us­ing the ta­ble saw (width) or sand­pa­per (height).

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