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POP­U­LAR ME­CHAN­ICS’ US copy chief (a for­mer level 90 druid in

World of War­craft) tested the new Razer Blade (R25 000). How does it com­pare to her R3 500 Len­ovo 110S lap­top? It feels sen­tient, a sleek black idol wait­ing for you to do some­thing wor­thy. It’s to­tal overkill for Stardew

Val­ley, a pix­e­lated ret­rostyle farm­ing game that, on my Len­ovo, is, well, playable. On the Razer, Bum­ble­bee Farm looks cozy and lush. Foot­steps are weighty, and the cows, goats, and sheep sound alive. On the 110S, my farm seems to be cov­ered with lay­ers of old plas­tic, and the sound is muddy. Of the more graph­i­cally de­mand­ing games I tried out, only one would even fit on my lit­tle Len­ovo. The Witcher 3 was ex­haust­ing to learn, but nev­er­the­less, the woodsy world looks lovely. The sky changes through­out the day, and rivers twin­kle as the sun sets. There is no lag at all, so much that the 360-de­gree view­ing makes me dizzy. (An on­line fo­rum sug­gests Dra­mamine.) Next, I de­fend against an ear-crunch­ingly re­al­is­tic mech at­tack in Mass

Ef­fect 2, then go space­far­ing in Stel­laris. Af­ter self­lessly col­lab­o­rat­ing with other play­ers to de­feat a few bosses in The Lord of the Rings On­line, I am quickly en­grossed in Path of Ex­ile, lev­el­ling up On­derel, my witch char­ac­ter. I can n feel the Razer run­ning g quite hot. These games take ake a lot of en­ergy, it seems. ems. Clearly, this is a pow­er­ful, rful, pre­cisely en­gi­neered ma­chine, hine, and in­cred­i­bly fast and d easy to use. The Razer wins this one. It does a freak­ing beau­ti­ful job.

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