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All gam­ing mon­i­tors are G- Sync or Freesync. The for­mer works with Nvidia graph­ics cards, the lat­ter with AMD. The dis­tinc­tion has to do with match­ing the com­puter’s rate of data pro­duc­tion with the mon­i­tor’s abil­ity to rep­re­sent that data, of­ten speed­ing up or slow­ing down the frame rate and so pro­duce the smoothest pos­si­ble vi­su­als. G- Sync is con­sid­ered higher-end and Freesync a bet­ter value, but buy based on your com­puter. The non-ne­go­tiable fea­tures in­clude a Dis­play­port port (the HDMI con­nec­tions you use for a TV or Xbox won’t cut it) and 2 560 × 1 440 screen res­o­lu­tion.

Dell 24 S2417DG (G-sync), R6 000

If you can, spend ex­tra for at least a 27-inch mon­i­tor. If you can’t, Dell’s 24-inch line has specs (165 Hz re­fresh rate, 2 560 × 1 440 dis­play) that eas­ily make up for the size de­fi­ciency.

View­sonic XG2700-4K (Freesync), R7 200

In­dus­try-best for Freesync, with 4K and UHD, plus loads of ports, and a stand that swivels and ad­justs both height and tilt.

A. Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ (G-sync), R18 000

4K res­o­lu­tion at 144 Hz re­fresh rate makes this one among the high­est-pow­ered mon­i­tors you can buy. You will have to work re­ally hard to get a game to run any­where even close to this mon­i­tor’s peak per­for­mance. But if you have the cash and want your games to look as smooth and gor­geous as pos­si­ble, this is the place to spend.

HEAD­SET B. Kingston Hyperx Cloud R1 000

Es­sen­tial for modern games, where you lis­ten for en­e­mies based on the sound di­rec­tion. Spend­ing a bit more gets you com­fort­able ma­te­ri­als and wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity, nec­es­sary only if you’re a marathon player.

ME­CHAN­I­CAL KEY­BOARD C. Logitech G610 R2 000

Comes with re­spon­sive Cherry MX switches. Other key­boards cost more be­cause they have colour-chang­ing keys, but you won’t miss that.

MOUSE D. Logitech G305 R700

Modern wire­less mice are now as re­spon­sive as cable mice. The G305 feels ev­ery bit as fast as a corded mouse, and its soft­ware makes it sim­ple to cus­tomise the func­tions of each but­ton.


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