How to paint a wall

Change the mood of a space by sim­ply paint­ing a wall.

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FOR THE COST of a can of paint and a bit of free time on a week­end, you can eas­ily trans­form a room by ap­ply­ing a coat … well – two coats – of paint, to a wall. And paint­ing a wall is re­ally easy. All you need is a lit­tle bit of pa­tience, paint in your cho­sen colour, and a few ba­sic tools. Your most use­ful equip­ment here will be a drop sheet (any old piece of plas­tic or cloth will do), a de­cent paint­brush (40 mm width is a good all-pur­pose brush), a damp cloth for wip­ing up drips, a stick for stir­ring the paint, and a means of reach­ing the high­est point of the wall you’re paint­ing – a chair is okay, but a lad­der is best. You can use a roller and a paint tray, but if you don’t have them, a paint­brush is just fine on its own.

Wall Wa paint­ing is all about thor­ough prepa­ra­tion. prepa Make sure the wall is clean. Give it a wipe with a damp cloth, or a clean with sugar soap, which you can buy at a any hard­ware store. If there are cracks crack or chips, fill them with ready­made crack filler and leave it to dry for a few hours.

Once On you’ve stirred the paint, ‘cut in’ the edges e of the wall you’re work­ing on. This is tech-talk for paint­ing all around the edges e of the area you’re work­ing on to make ma sure the fussy work is done first. If you have a steady hand, don’t worry about stick­ing down mask­ing tape; con­cen­tra­tion is key.

Once On the edges are taken care of, fill in the th re­main­ing space with two coats of paint, pa with two hours of dry­ing time be­tween betw coats.

Fi­nally, Fin be sure to clean your brush thor­oughly, thoro be­cause you’ll be so pleased with the re­sult that you’ll want to paint an­other an­oth wall next week­end!

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