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Ev­ery so of­ten I need to go to the hard­ware store to buy a fit­ting for a wa­ter pipe, a new seal for a tap, or the like. In­evitably the sales­per­son then asks if it’s a ½ -inch or ¾-inch fit­ting that’s needed. But how do you mea­sure a fit­ting? Is it out­side, in­side, or the thread?

For­tu­nately, a kind sales­per­son gave me some very good ad­vice: If a 20 c coin fits into the nut of the fit­ting, it’s a ½ -inch. If a R5 coin fits into the nut, then it’s a ¾-inch. It’s as sim­ple as that! ( This only ap­plies to metal fit­tings, though, not plas­tic.) Jakobus de Wet, Vir­ginia

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