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It was great read­ing the Ad­ven­ture Time ar­ti­cle in Septem­ber’s is­sue, con­firm­ing that the mag is mov­ing with the times.

Many peo­ple my age (Forty, cough) grew up on point-and- click ad­ven­tures, as well as their pre­de­ces­sor 8-bit con­soles and home com­put­ers. I’d haz­ard a guess that this may be one of your big­ger read­er­ship groups.

I’ll be look­ing out keenly for Jengo, but wanted to point out the omis­sion of the most re­cent re­lease of one of the big­gest names in ‘point and click’ fame – Ron Gilbert. The ti­tle is Thim­ble­weed Park, and the in­ter­face is vis­ually mod­elled on the suc­cess­ful SCUMM en­gine. It’s avail­able on­line and easy to buy via Steam, for ex­am­ple.

Speak­ing of the SCUMM en­gine, there’s a great em­u­la­tor out there called Scum­mvm (avail­able on PC and mo­bile). It plays many of the clas­sics based on the SCUMM en­gine in­clud­ing the first three Mon­key Is­land games, Day of the Ten­ta­cle, Full Throt­tle and the In­di­ana Jones se­ries, among oth­ers. Most of the games them­selves are avail­able for down­load from aban­don­ware sites, but if you pre­fer the newer hy­brid look, go for the var­i­ous re­mas­tered ver­sions ( Mon­key Is­land 1 and 2, Day of the Ten­ta­cle). They can even be found in the Google Play store if you pre­fer mo­bile (per­fect for point-and- click!). ED ROBIN­SON EAST LON­DON

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