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1 . STORE AND DIS­PENSE CASH If you’re wary of banks, as I am, use your ATM as it was in­tended: as a vault. The cash cas­settes in­side the ma­chine typ­i­cally hold at least 1 000 notes. Now that $1s are worth­less, I find $5s eas­i­est to get in large quan­ti­ties. Then use an app – I like En­codeac­ard – to con­vert ac­count in­for­ma­tion into a 3D-print­ing file, and print your­self a debit card. 7 It’s an old-fash­ioned and cheesy way to get cash, but it works, and your money is safe. 2. DIS­PENSE OTHER STUFF First, cut a big­ger hole where the cash dis­penser is. Sec­ond, widen the rollers; keep the mo­tor. Third, 3D-print a new vault door for eas­ier ac­cess. Now you can dis­pense any­thing. 3. I NSTALL APPS At this point the siz­able com­mu­nity around vin­tage ATMS means any app store will have a raft of hob­by­ist apps to choose from. They’re a cinch to in­stall, with the caveat that you may have to find a ca­ble for the data trans­fer. My favourites: At­meet, for video-call­ing; Im­not­therebnb, which turns the ATM into an Airbnb check-in kiosk (keys and linens in the vault); and Gridlink+, a mi­cro­grid com­mand mod­ule ( see page 62).

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