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WHAT IT IS: A sys­tem that links you and the power gen­er­ated by your home with your neigh­bours and the power gen­er­ated by their homes (and maybe other nearby build­ings or lo­cal busi­nesses). WHY IT MAT­TERS: As long as you have a way of pro­duc­ing your own power, such as rooftop or win­dow so­lar, you are now

5 a power com­pany. That not only makes you money, it keeps the util­ity from hav­ing to fire up a gi­ant plant just be­cause your neigh­bours all want to charge their Tes­las. Plus, if there’s an emer­gency for the na­tional grid, your mi­cro­grid can dis­con­nect and run in­de­pen­dently un­til prob­lems are re­solved.

6 HOW TO GET STARTED: If you’re not on a mi­cro­grid, call your util­ity and find out when you can get on one. If you al­ready are, legally you should have a map of the prop­er­ties you’re con­nected to and an up­graded elec­tric me­ter with a com­mand mod­ule show­ing the type and source of elec­trons flow­ing into your home.

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