Popular Mechanics (South Africa) - - Shop Notes -

This one doesn’t have a very slick name, but it is a must-know, used to se­cure a rope to a post or ring while it is pulled taut. The fric­tion from wrap­ping the rope twice around the post be­gins to take the strain of the load be­fore the knot is com­pleted, pre­vent­ing the rope from loos­en­ing or slip­ping. If the force is great (as in moor­ing a boat or hitch­ing a rhino to a pole), wrap the rope around as many times as nec­es­sary to con­trol the strain be­fore adding the half-hitches. When you might use it:

• Se­cur­ing a load to the roof of a car or back of a bakkie

• Hang­ing some­thing heavy from a roof beam

• Cre­at­ing a taut rope bar­rier or fence

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