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First im­pres­sions of the TS55 are that it is a very high-qual­ity ma­chine. The saw feels solid and the switches and but­tons are well made and en­gage smoothly. This saw is ex­tremely re­fined, with all func­tions in typ­i­cal Festool green. The saw comes pack­aged in a Festool Sys­tainer that al­lows you to stack it with other Festool ma­chines or at­tach it to the top of one of their vac­uum clean­ers.

The power cord on the Festool saw is a Plug-it cable, which is com­pat­i­ble with other Festool ma­chines and al­lows you to swap be­tween ma­chines by sim­ply un­plug­ging the cable from the one ma­chine and plug­ging it into the next ma­chine.

The saw comes stan­dard with a 48-tooth blade and a 1.4 m track. Ad­di­tional tracks are avail­able in 800-, 1 400-, 1 800-, 2 400- and 3 000 mm lengths.

This saw is sim­ple to use, with a safety mech­a­nism that needs to be slid up be­fore pulling the trig­ger, thus pre­vent­ing ac­ci­dents. The saw has a riv­ing knife that drops down into the cut, pre­vent­ing the wood from bind­ing on the blade. Dust ex­trac­tion on this saw is ex­tra­or­di­nary when con­nected to a vac­uum cleaner, with vir­tu­ally no dust es­cap­ing the ex­trac­tion. The saw can tilt from -1° to +47°. The depth of cut at 90° is 55 mm, and at 45° is 43 mm.

A re­mark­ably clever fea­ture on this ma­chine is the small plas­tic block called a splin­ter guard that sits in front of the blade and pre­vents tear-out and im­proves dust col­lec­tion.

The Festool saw fits on the Makita rail, and the Festool rail clamps, which are made by Bessey, are also com­pat­i­ble with the Makita rail. R11 999 at tool­

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