Popular Mechanics (South Africa)

The toppings


Sriracha mayo: We included sriracha mayo because of its creaminess and touch of spice. Sriracha mayo is slightly sweet, spicy and tangy, with a hint of garlic. The viscosity of the mayo allows it to seal the bottom half of the bun and stay in place while you add the rest of your toppings. The flavour is quite neutral and doesn’t overpower the rest of the flavours, as is sometimes the case with tomato sauce.

Lettuce: Adds freshness and crunch. In addition, it acts as a barrier, protecting your roll from absorbing all the juices of the burger, preventing it from becoming a soggy mess. Sun-dried tomatoes: The flavour of sundried tomatoes is a lot more concentrat­ed than fresh tomatoes, giving a wonderful and intense burst of flavour. They contain less water too, which means no dribble of tomato juice down your chin when you take a bite. Be sure to use sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil as these are softer and can be used as is without rehydratin­g.

Pickles: These are a classic ingredient on any sandwich or burger, but have you ever wondered why? The sharp tang and acidity of the pickle works as a palate cleanser, allowing you to appreciate the flavour of the rest of the ingredient­s.

Caramelise­d onions: Onions are naturally sweet and, when cooked over a low heat with some sugar and vinegar, become wonderfull­y caramelise­d and a great complement to the umami taste of the burger.

Chilli: Included purely for those who enjoy a bit of a zing in their meals. //

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