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IT’S ODD HOW sometimes, when you try on a new item of clothing, it fits perfectly and makes you feel so comfortabl­e that it’s as though you’ve been wearing it for years. These highly durable longs, from tried-andtested Swedish brand Fjällräven, offer up that exact experience.

They’re reinforced in all the right places – your knees, and your butt – and the waterresis­tant and windproof G-1000 fabric feels tough and long-lasting. There are six pockets (you can never have too many), in different shapes and sizes, for items such as your pocketknif­e, compass, lighter, maps, cellphone, wallet, and more. The circumfere­nce of the ankle cuffs is adjustable, and there’s a built-in hook down there to fasten over your boot laces, helping keep sand and dirt on the outside.

Whether you’re doing DIY work around the house, or trekking 30 km on a trail, the Vidda Pro Trousers will help you to get the job done.

RRP R2 859 arcticfoxa­frica.com


GT 2e

HUAWEI’S NEWEST wearable is lightweigh­t (40 g), water-resistant, comfortabl­e and tracks everything you would expect it to … and then some. From sleep to stress; there’s even built-in breathing exercises and the ability to measure your blood-oxygen saturation levels.

You also don’t need a Huawei smartphone to use it – the GT 2e works beautifull­y as long as you’ve downloaded the free Huawei Health app. The initial set-up really is a breeze and customisat­ion is simple, using the bright touchscree­n. Adjust notificati­ons’ buzz strength – do you prefer raiseto-wake or to keep the face display always-on? It’s all up to you.

Included features such as the weather, a torch, timer, real-time notificati­ons, and alarm are all accounted for – but the fact that it can automatica­lly track any exercise you’ve started is really nifty. There are 85 custom-workout modes, and if you’re on a bike or going for a run, you can see in-depth data (such as distance, cadence and calories burnt) on the app. Connect Bluetooth headphones if you enjoy training to music, storing your tunes on the internal storage. Did we mention the two-week battery life?

RRP R3 499 huaweistor­e.co.za



SOUTH AFRICANS LOVE braaiing together, and the

Boma Braai is one of the better-designed free-standing options out there. It’s accessible from all angles, pretty much giving everyone a chance to get in on the braai action (why leave it all up to one sorry soul?).

Aside from the social advantages, it has a sturdy

8 mm-thick cooking surface, with excellent heatretent­ion properties. There’s a large, central aperture that allows you to add wood while you’re cooking – perfect for carrying on with the festivitie­s uninterrup­ted.

Depending on your decor preference­s, it comes in satinblack mild steel, or rustic COR-TEN steel. The external surface oxidises naturally, enhancing the appearance over time (and your braai area); the infused copper makes it ideal for coastal applicatio­ns, creating a barrier against the elements and extending the life of your braai.

RRP from R15 000 chad-o-chef.co.za; 011 668 1910


SHAVING CAN EITHER be a pain (literally), or no big deal, and it’s likely to be the latter if you’re tackling the task with a Philips OneBlade. Men’s face shapes, beards and skin types all differ, so using a shaver that’s versatile is important. The OneBlade is battery-powered (and also rechargeab­le, with up to 45 minutes of continuous use), waterproof (for wet- or dry use), and ergonomica­lly designed for easy handling. Give yourself a trim (using the 1-, 3- and 5 mm stubble combs), flip it on its edge for precise edging, or shave in a convention­al way (though not as close as normal razors, thereby reducing skin discomfort). You should get up to four months’ use from a single blade. RRP R799 takealot.com



REDUCED BATTERY LIFE is common in stationary vehicles, including caravans, trailers, boats, and motorcycle­s. Batteries need maintenanc­e to survive, and the longer they’re neglected, the shorter their lifespan.

Many people mistakenly buy ‘trickle chargers’ to maintain their vehicle’s battery, but these units can cause permanent damage if left connected. This is why the use of a multistage charger is critical to battery health, performanc­e, and long-term maintenanc­e.

The National Luna 1A Intelligen­t Battery Charger is specially designed for both 6 V and 12 V battery-maintenanc­e applicatio­ns. And thanks to its ‘float-charge’ feature, it can be connected to your vehicle’s battery for an indefinite period, keeping your boat, caravan, trailer, bike or vehicle battery in top condition, thereby increasing its lifespan. RRP R699 nationallu­na.com; available at Outdoor Warehouse stores

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