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GOOD COFFEE, made quickly and simply, is a time-tested method to get through a hard day’s work, or freezing morning while out camping. In fact, the applicatio­ns for good coffee are endless, so you could say our Pipamoka discovery has knock-on benefits for almost all aspects of life.

This portable filter-coffee maker is made by Wacaco, inventors of the innovative Nanopresso. The secret to the travel-mug-sized Pipamoka is the twist-action mechanism, which creates vacuum pressure that draws pre-boiled hot water through the reusable coffee capsule. All it takes is two minutes of your time, and a little bit of effort as you twist the cuff, and you’re left with piping-hot and perfectly brewed coffee, directly in the insulated stainless-steel travel mug.

No disposable pods or even paper filters are required, so it’s gentle on the environmen­t, and the entire device can be recycled too. All components pack away into the lidded mug, making it convenient for all manner of travellers. So no matter your brew preference – long coffee, cold brew, or espresso-style, the little Pipamoka has got you covered.

RRP $46.90 wacaco.com


SOUTH AFRICANS DERIVE a lot of enjoyment from their gardens – our mostly sunny weather lends itself to growing almost all year round. But watering can’t be neglected, and wrestling with a poor-quality hose and connectors can make this aspect of gardening a real hassle.

The Wedgit range of hoses and connectors is made to last, boasting fewer moving parts that are prone to breaking than competing brands. It’s simple to set up and use, making changing between accessorie­s a cinch. Hoses come in 12- and 19 mm diameters, and a variety of lengths up to 100 m, all of which are greatly resistant to kinking. The Wedgit system features unique coupling technology, where the hose-nut coupling is extremely strong and highly leak-resistant.

Hoses from RRP R645 Connectors from RRP R35 vermontsal­es.co.za


THE TRAVELMATE P2 and its big brother the TravelMate P6 are constructe­d for the demands of the modern world, where you’re often expected to work from anywhere. We found that the P2 perfectly embodies our motto for this section of the mag: ‘Must-have hardware for humans on the go’.

The P2 is loaded with a robust Intel Core i7 processor and, if you like, an optional NVIDIA GeForce MX230 GPU, for powerful computing and graphics performanc­e. There is a configurab­le dual-drive system featuring a 1 TB highcapaci­ty HDD, a super-responsive 512 GB 4-lane PCIe

SSD and a standard 8 GB of memory (which can be upgraded to 32 GB).

If you’re a Nervous Nellie and security is your biggest priority, the P2’s got your back. The fingerprin­t reader gives added protection, while Windows Hello lets its users easily access secure informatio­n via a fingerprin­t or using face recognitio­n.

RRP R14 999 shopacer.co.za


LOOKING FOR ENHANCED sound quality for your TV viewing or music playing, where bass isn’t compromise­d and there’s crystal clarity throughout the audio range? Invest in Sony’s two-channel single soundbar. Not only does it deliver a superior surround-sound experience that emulates cinema-style audio, but it looks great, too, enhancing any audiovisua­l set-up with its slim-profile design. It pairs effortless­ly via the HDMI Arc cable, Bluetooth or USB.

RRP R1 699 sony.com/za


PICTURE THIS: Your guests are arriving soon, and you’re hoping to serve roast lamb that’s cooked to perfection… The heat is on!

There might be pressure, but your stress levels are normal, because you’ve got a nifty little assistant called The MeatStick helping to keep you in complete control of the situation. It’s a wireless and waterproof food thermomete­r that monitors the internal temperatur­e of your dish, as well as the external temperatur­e (up to 100°C and 300°C respective­ly). This data is fed, via push notificati­ons, to your iOS or Android device, letting you focus on the important things, such as socialisin­g with your guests.

To use, it’s simply a matter of inserting The MeatStick into your dish and setting up the parameters on the app. Place the food (including the device) into the oven, and The MeatStick will notify you when to adjust the temperatur­e, or when it’s ready. It boasts a 24-hour battery life, meaning you can cook almost anything in most appliances.

RRP from R1 300 chad-o-chef.co.za; 011 668 1910

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