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WITH A SLOOM mattress, or bed for that matter, gone are the days of struggling to get a heavy, awkward, full-size bed into your bedroom when it comes time to upgrade. And to ensure comfortabl­e sleep, upgrading your sleeping hardware is crucial. Whether you like it or not, we humans spend a large chunk of our lives sleeping, and good-quality sleep makes for better and more productive awake time.

Globally, the bed-in-a-box industry is thriving, and locally Sloom is leading the charge. The concept is simple: First, create a high-quality, customisab­le foam mattress made from four different comfort layers. (You can choose how firm you like it by rearrangin­g the order of the layers. There’s even a split-comfort set-up in the larger mattress sizes, allowing partners to have different firmness ‘settings’.) Step two is to bag the mattress – an essential part of the vacuumseal­ing process. Then, compress the whole thing to a sliver of its normal thickness using a powerful four-piston hydraulic press that exerts 100 tons of uniform pressure over the entire surface. The bag is then sealed so the mattress stays compressed, then it’s rolled into its box for easy transporti­ng. And don’t worry – these high-quality foam mattresses are extremely resilient, and not damaged by the process.

Once the compact package has been carried up your three flights of stairs to your upstairs bedroom, the mattress is released from its plastic covering, then simply laid flat on your bed frame and allowed to expand to its original form.

While no compaction and air extraction is used in the making of the Sloom bed bases, they too arrive with their individual components neatly assembled in a box. Carry it to where it needs to be, follow the simple assembly instructio­ns, and within about 15 minutes you’ll have the perfect slatted base for your Sloom mattress, allowing for just the right amount of air flow underneath.

Mattress: RRP from R6 000 (single) to R11 000 (king extra-length)

Base: RRP from R2 000 to R4 400 sloom.co.za

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