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Working from home is great, right? PJs all day and you get to sit at the dining-room table or even work from your bed. Perhaps you’ve set up a remote office and brought home that pot plant from your desk. As long as you have a fast internet connection, you’re sorted … or maybe not.

If you have a desk job, there’s a good chance you spend a chunk of time sitting and staring at a screen. And your back is getting sore because you’re missing your office chair (not your co-workers).

Studies show that good posture increases productivi­ty, and reduces pain and pressure on the hips. A good chair is everything and Ergotherap­y’s range of physiother­apistdesig­ned chairs is a dream come true. Endorsed by the

Chiropract­ic Associatio­n of South Africa, the NetOne Midback is a fully adjustable ergonomic chair that will transform your workspace and keep your spine, neck and hips happy. It has 3D height-adjustable armrests and five recline positions, as well as extended recline. In short, a lot of sleek levers that enable you to get the fit just right.

How high do you want to sit? Are the armrests in the right place? How about the seat – can it slide back and forth to help you find the right depth? There’s even pivot lumbar support – using a turn wheel, adjust the amount of tension of the backrest.

The NetOne Midback is an amazingly comfortabl­e chair that looks good and is built to last. Sure, it’s pricey (so is physiother­apy), but after sitting on it for just a few days, we felt a noticeable difference.

If you sit all day, there’s no question you need a good chair, and this one isn’t just good – it’s better.

RRP R6 200 ergotherap­y.co.za

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