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In South Africa, we get a lot of sun, so why not put all those powerful rays to good use? Well, that’s the question that’s guided Defy in the developmen­t of the brand’s new range of solar-hybrid appliances. Not only will this innovation serve to reduce our reliance on the country’s electricit­y grid (which at the best of times isn’t very reliable), but it also brings the wonders of refrigerat­ion to areas and communitie­s that perhaps don’t even have access to Eskom electricit­y. And effective refrigerat­ion means access to safely preserved food, for longer periods of time, which in turn has positive knock-on effects for people’s nutritiona­l intake.

First to be released in the solar hybrid range are two products, a 157 litre fridge-freezer, and a 254 litre chest freezer. With these products installed, users can expect a reduction in power costs over convention­al appliances of up to 44 per cent, while the integrated Endura-Chill technology can keep food frozen for up to 49 hours when there’s no power supply at all. Incredibly, when the sun is shining, the devices can operate entirely off solar energy, without the need for grid electricit­y. There is no need to purchase a separate battery or inverter with these appliances – all the smart electronic­s are built in. They also come supplied with the required solar panels, and the entire set-up is installed at your home (included in the price) once you’ve made your purchase.

RRP R5 999 each (includes appliance, solar panel and installati­on) defy.co.za/solar-hybrid

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