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JUST WHEN YOU thought the Samsung range of Galaxy Buds couldn’t get any better, the Galaxy Buds Pro model is released. If you’re looking for comfortabl­e, top of the range, in-ear headphones with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), you’ve come to the right place – the Buds Pro are, without a doubt, the best Samsung earbuds yet.

Available in three striking colours with a compact charging case to match, they pair easily and come with intuitive touch controls. The case itself is compatible with Qi wireless charging, giving you a total of 28 hours playtime, presuming ANC is off.

Three included silicone ear tips ensure a secure fit, and they are IPX7-rated, so they’re resistant to sweat. Most importantl­y, the audio is exceptiona­l. Inside are custom-built two-way speakers and Dolby Head Tracking technology, which uses a sensor to pinpoint the direction of the audio when you move your head. It sounds a little crazy but the result is so immersive, and so clear. It really adds to the overall listener experience, so much so that using the Buds Pro to make calls is crystal clear. Another big positive is Offline finding – download the SmartThing­s app to easily track down the Buds Pro. Even if they’re not currently paired with your smartphone, the app will show you the last location they were used. If you’re searching for portable earbuds that offer a true wireless listening experience, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro are a premium pick.

RRP R3 999 shop.samsung.com/za

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