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I’m reaching out after seeing the piece posted on the Popular Mechanics website (popular mechanics.co.za/science/nasaoffers-virtual-tours-of-space) about exploring space from home. My son is fascinated with space and loves learning more about the planets and the solar system. I’m glad you’ve shared these resources.

Here’s something that I think aviation and aerospace enthusiast­s will enjoy… One or two people cannot be credited with all of our progress in space science, engineerin­g, and space culture. So, with the help of the famous Who2 Biographie­s, we created a solitaire deck and free online game featuring some of history’s most notable pilots, inventors, and astronauts.

You and your readers can check it out for yourselves, here: solitaired.com/freecell?deck =space-flight.


What a fantastic card-game creation, Phil. It’s a great way to relax on your own, playing a card game, while at the same time learning interestin­g aviationan­d space-travel facts.

– Mark, Editor that really gets my workshop juices flowing.

A case in point is the piece appearing in the July 2016 issue entitled ‘147 years of wisdom’. Not too long ago, my neighbour Callie emigrated to Holland, and I inherited much of his unwanted workshop equipment. In among it all I found the aforementi­oned 2016 issue tucked at the bottom of a crate. The article gave me renewed interest in my workshop and before long I had cleaned it out and it was ready for action, including all of Callie’s tools and generously gifted items.

There’s enough to keep me busy while catching up on all of the purposely forgotten chores at home. Now I listen to Classic FM on the garage speakers and between bouts of classical conducting (albeit just the wannabe variety) I manage to once again get things done.

I remember reading your editor’s letter quite some time ago, Mark, where you touched on the wisdom your father has passed on to you. I can certainly relate… I specifical­ly remember one bit of advice my late father gave me whenever I lifted a saw in his workshop. He said, ‘Onthou seun, twee maal meet, een maal sny.’ Now, at 73, I still make the odd blunder in that regard, but it’s all part of the fun really.

Nice work on the magazine – keep up the quality and interest and I suspect my grandchild­ren will be next in line to pass on kudos to you lot in a few decades’ time for a job well done.


I enjoyed reading your letter, Rusty. Thanks for the kind words about the magazine, and well done on getting your workshop clean and tidy, and ready for productivi­ty again. And that advice definitely stands true when it comes to woodworkin­g projects – measure twice, cut once. – Mark, Editor

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