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Hobot is fast becoming a big name in the robotics space. The brand’s powerful and innovative AI-driven vacuum mops are winning all the awards, and the Legee D7 is the latest release.

If you were expecting just an upgraded version of the Legee 7, this isn’t it. The Legee D7 is an all-new hybrid cleaning machine that vacuums, sweeps, sprays and mops like a dream. Amazingly, it can climb obstacles up to 20 mm in height, so raised tiles, rugs or gaps between flooring types present no problem. It also automatica­lly recognises carpet, raising the mopping pad by 6 mm. The smart spray design uses AI to ensure a super-thin layer of water goes on to your floors – we’re talking 0.002 mm thin – to get rid of dirt without staining hard floors. Sound too gentle for your home? Don’t fret – the Legee D7 has a mopping force of 600 g, mimicking the pushing action of convention­al mopping.

The Legee D7 is ideal for pet owners. While you shouldn’t expect your cat to hop on board and ride around the house (no, to our reviewer’s disappoint­ment her cat did not do this), the vacuum-mop is skilled at deepcleani­ng hair using its unique brushroll, which ensures it doesn’t get all tangled up. The separate hair port – and the fact that the robot is white, and not black – is what really differenti­ates the Legee D7 from the 7. (The ‘D’ alludes to the shape of the body.) There are a number of preset modes, of which ‘Tangless’ was one of our favourites – it’s perfect for snatching up all of that annoying pet hair.

And did we mention that it also works with voice control? Go mop the kitchen, Jeeves!

RRP R8 999 solencosa.co.za

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