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Yes, it’s time to get rid of those horrible, flimsy plastic cups, and to get your hands on another one of the sturdy beverage-holder products from Stanley that are made with the demands of the outdoors in mind.

The Stacking Beer Pint is vacuum-insulated and highly durable. Not only will it keep your drink ice-cold for hours, without making your hand cold in the process, but it’ll also work perfectly well with hot drinks – just what you need on a chilly morning when you’re out camping. Invest in a number of them, and, as the name suggests, they stack neatly together, saving space when you’re trying to fit a lot of gear into your car. They’re lidless, so you can expect drinks to remain hot for up to 45 minutes, or cold for up to four hours.

They’re made from tough, corrosion-resistant 18/8 stainlesss­teel. They’re also safe to clean in the dishwasher at the end of your trip.

Available in hammertone green, matt black, or white, this 0.47 L insulated beverage mug will change the way you enjoy your drinks.

RRP R520 awesometoo­ls.co.za

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