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All air-fryer owners agree – these are the best appliances ever invented. They’re almost evangelica­l about these devices … and now Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Air Fryer is taking air frying to the next level.

What makes it smarter than the rest? Aside from the sleek OLED touchscree­n (who needs knobs?), it connects to Xiaomi’s home app. Once online, you don’t even need to use the touchscree­n – you can schedule meals up to 24 hours in advance with the app, and you can even adjust the temperatur­e during operation. (Yoghurt, for example, takes eight hours and has to sit at a static temperatur­e of 40°C. Yes, that isn’t frying per se, but an air fryer is essentiall­y a small convention oven so it can do highly useful things such as bake, defrost, and dehydrate.) It’s also surprising­ly satisfying getting a message on your phone to know the cooking process is complete – you don’t have to be in the kitchen waiting for a ‘ding’.

This fryer comes with more than 100 preset smart recipes, which remove all confusion and questions such as ‘how long do these potatoes wedges need?’ Just pick what you want using the app or screen. There are some design elements worth noting: It comes with an extra rack, which means you can double the capacity. It’s also very simple to clean. And lastly, the sound… We’ve tried out several seriously noisy options, and the Mi Smart Air Fryer is so quiet by comparison.

RRP R1 999 mia.africa.com

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