Popular Mechanics (South Africa)



This German brand makes some of the most sophistica­ted and innovative marking solutions for profession­al (and hobbyist) craftspeop­le.

While Pica makes several different set types, for discipline­s including plumbing and joinery, this particular ‘master-set’ caters specifical­ly to carpenters.

To better understand the product, imagine owning a set of marking pens that will manage almost any job you need them to, marking a vast variety of surface types, and coming in a diverse range of colours. Included is a selection of special instrument­s and holders, for tackling specific marking applicatio­ns. One of the most versatile pens in the set is the Deep Hole Marker, a renowned product in the industry. Featuring a convenient quiver cap and special clip, it can mark almost any kind of dry surface. While the ink is permanent in nature, it can be removed from glossy surfaces using a suitable solvent. The extended tip is made from durable stainless steel.

Where other brands tend to run dry when you least expect it, Pica’s ‘turnable nib’ lets you adjust the fibre tip, giving your marker a second life. This feature can be used several times, prolonging the life of your markers, and saving you money.

The nylon wallet keeps your Pica markers safe and protected in-between use.

RRP R1 675 vermontsal­es.co.za

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