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LED candles aren’t new, but as we venture into what will likely be many more years of load-shedding, they’re becoming essential little home gadgets.

If you’re opting for LED, we’ve discovered the most realistic and aesthetica­lly pleasing range of flameless candles, straight out of Copenhagen. They look and feel just like traditiona­l wax candles, and there’s a reason for that – they’re made from virgin paraffin wax! But at the same time, there’s no smoke, no dripping hot wax or weird and overwhelmi­ng scents, and they’re not potential fire hazards. (You don’t need to worry about your child or pet knocking one of these over.)

Eledea candles are digital and flameless, but also effortless.

They come in a few different styles, from tea lights to taper candles and pillar candles, all of which can be controlled using a very sleek remote. You can turn them on or off, or set a timer to keep them on for up to eight hours. They require batteries, but they’ll function for ages on one set. The pillar candles (which are the largest) have more than 400 hours of burn time, and the tea lights (the smallest) can go for up to 80 hours. They even produce a slight flicker, which creates the illusion of real candles.

RRP from R299 eledea.co.za

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