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Writing it down is better than typing, and quicker. But notebook hoarding, if you’re so inclined, probably isn’t the most sustainabl­e pastime. That’s where the cloud-savvy Rocketbook range comes in.

There are many options to choose from, but the Wave, available in two size options (A5 or A4) is one of our favourites. It has the look and feel of a traditiona­l notebook, but works alongside its free iOS or Android app, instantly sending your notes into the cloud using your smartphone. You simply scan a page and choose the destinatio­n where your image should be uploaded, ensuring it’s filed in exactly the right place in a repository such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Your note is sharpened up for easy reading; if the image scanned is text and not a doodle, Rocketbook’s handwritin­g recognitio­n tech will enable you to transcribe and search your handwritte­n notes.

As with other Rocketbook­s, you write in the Wave using a Pilot FriXion pen. One of these is included, and you can stock up on more if you require them. Rather incredibly, your scanned notes can be erased using a microwave oven. Yes, that’s right – this notepad goes into the microwave to ‘reset’ it! Place it and a ¾-full mug of water (positioned on the circle on the notebook’s cover) in the microwave… When the notebook turns from dark to light, you know it’s done.

Is it possible to ‘overcook’ your Wave notebook? Yes, so be cautious. No microwave? No problem – a hairdryer will also work. It’s certainly a little strange, but it works, and in no time you’re left with an almost-new notebook for all of your reminders and doodles.

RRP from R680 getrocketb­ook.co.za

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