Popular Mechanics (South Africa)



Thank you to Brendan and Seamus Harcourt-Wood from Rare Woods South Africa, generous sponsors of the beautifull­y grained boire wood for the project.


Also known in its indigenous regions of Senegal and surroundin­g countries as amouk, bodo or bodowood, boire is regarded as a tough and durable wood. It’s reputed to remain smooth under friction, making it ideally suited to its primary use as flooring. It’s also widely used in furniture making and boatbuildi­ng.

The sapwood is pale brown in colour. The heartwood is typically mediumbrow­n to bronze with dark streaks and sometimes other hues, such as oranges and yellows. The species sometimes has interlocke­d grains, and a very good uniform texture. Other than a little tearout that is commonly associated with any species that exhibits interlocki­ng grains, boire cuts, planes and joints well, glues strongly and finishes beautifull­y. With great visual appeal, boire represents good value for money.

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