Popular Mechanics (South Africa)



Write to us with your tip and you could win a prize from Master Lock. This issue’s top contributi­on has won:

Master Lock M1 Excell Padlock:

The boron-alloy body of this lock is 50 per cent stronger than standard padlocks, and the octagonal boron-carbide shackle provides maximum cut resistance.

Master Lock 4-Dial Combinatio­n Lock:

The 6 mm-diameter and 26 mm-long shackle is made from cutting- and saw-resistant chromeplat­ed steel. Set your own combinatio­n.

Master Lock Keyed Locking Cable:

The 1.8 m-long self-coiling braided-steel cable is designed for maximum strength. The vinyl coating prevents scratches and protects the cable.

Master Lock Rod Lock:

The 15 mm-wide metal body and 3 mmdiameter steel shackle and cable are highly resistant to tampering and cutting.

Master Lock Tower Combinatio­n Lock:

Set your own combinatio­n on this sturdy padlock featuring a 37 mm-wide zinc body.

Send your tips to popularmec­hanics@ramsaymedi­a.co.za with the subject line: ‘Do It Your Way’. Regrettabl­y, only South African residents are eligible for the prize. Prizes not claimed within 60 days will be forfeited.

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