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FOR­MER ac­tress and tele­vi­sion pre­sen­ter Ka­jal Ma­haraj has walked the path of in­fer­til­ity, but with per­se­ver­ance: she is the proud mother of 1-year-old Zo­rion and is ex­pect­ing her sec­ond baby next month.

The easy­go­ing 30-year old opens up to POST about her prob­lems with in­fer­til­ity which stemmed from en­dometrio­sis.

She is mar­ried to Ne­san Pather, 31, the group com­mu­ni­ca­tion man­ager for In­ter­na­tional Bank­ing Vaults.

“Ne­san and I were mar­ried in 2010 and we de­cided to start a fam­ily im­me­di­ately,” she said. “I vis­ited the gy­nae­col­o­gist and found out that I had en­dometrio­sis, which poses prob­lems for preg­nancy

“I could not fall preg­nant. I was ad­vised to do a la­paroscopy to re­move the en­dometrio­sis, but I was re­luc­tant to go the sur­gi­cal route.”

Ka­jal, who is cloth­ing de­signer for a kid­dies brand called Lit­tle M, said she and Ne­san de­cided to go the nat­u­ral route.

“We went to a home­opath and be­gan do­ing acupunctur­e and nat­u­ral treat­ment. Within three months I fell preg­nant – that was the be­gin­ning of 2011. I mis­car­ried and again fell preg­nant in Au­gust 2011, and I had a sec­ond mis­car­riage.”

Ka­jal said she de­cided to un­dergo a holis­tic lifestyle change.

“I changed my diet, I ate no sugar and gluten, I drank wa­ter, I ex­er­cised and ate no junk food. Both Ne­san and I were com­mit­ted to this and hav­ing the baby, and de­cided a lifestyle change was the an­swer.”

She said they also kept their faith.

“We prayed and be­lieved that the baby would come nat­u­rally. We looked at fer­til­ity (treat­ment) as the last op­tion be­cause I was ner­vous of the side ef­fects.”

Six months be­fore she found out she was preg­nant, Ka­jal said she went to see a doc­tor in Westville who is now liv­ing in the US.

“He used a nat­u­ral… home­o­pathic way to help me ease stress lev­els to en­sure I men­stru­ated and ovu­lated ev­ery month. It was about bal­anc­ing your body. I found out that stress plays a big role in fall­ing preg­nant. If your cor­ti­sone lev­els are high then pro­gesto­gens lev­els are low.”

In De­cem­ber 2013 Ka­jal found out she was preg­nant.

“I was shocked. That month Ne­san and I de­cided to stop stress­ing about hav­ing a baby and just have fun, and it hap­pened. Zo­rion was born. And just three months later I con­ceived again.”

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