DJ Devan to live on through his music


DJ DEVAN Singh, best known for his 80s and 90s mixes, lost his life to Covid-19 last Thursday.

Singh, 52, of Phoenix, was in hospital for a week before he died.

“My dad was generally a fit person and his passing has come as a shock to all of our family and friends,” said Ashton Singh, his eldest son.

Ashton said his dad would be remembered for his passion for music and his love for the entertainm­ent industry.

He said Singh began deejaying from the age of 16.

“He went on to become not just a DJ, but a successful MC, event co-ordinator, nightclub, restaurant and record shop owner. He was a true entreprene­ur who pursued his dream every single day.”

Ashton said his father’s talent allowed him to travel to the US, Australia and New Zealand.

“His most famous mix has to be his Vantigo’s mix which was recorded live at Vantigo’s, his nightclub in Richards Bay.

“Recently, he held sold-out events in Johannesbu­rg and at Durban’s Dance Cafe. He also had an upcoming boat cruise which was also sold out.”

Over the years, Singh had his own show on Lotus FM, Megazone and Phoenix FM.

“He appeared many times as a guest DJ on East Coast Radio, Metro FM, 94. 7 and many community radio stations.”

In addition to hosting events, Singh founded the popular Facebook music group Solid Gold Music which has more than 80 000 active members and, more recently, Solid Gold Records and CDs which specialise­d in sourcing and selling hard-to-find records and CDs.

Ashton, who took after his dad, is also a popular DJ in the country.

“I owe it all to my dad. From a young age, he showed me the ropes and I am so grateful to have had a champion, worldclass DJ mentor, who was also my dad, to guide me and teach me everything about the music industry and life.”

He said he would treasure the last moment he spent with his father forever.

“He attended my DJ competitio­n final. He, my mom and family had come to Johannesbu­rg to surprise me, and I’m so glad he got to see me win. On that night, and every single day, he was truly my biggest supporter.”

Singh’s wife, Patricia, said Singh was “the perfect husband and dad”.

“He was kind, soft, caring, humble and selfless in all ways. He was loved by so many and always had endless love to give to the people in his life.

“He was always willing to extend a helping hand to family, friends and even strangers. He was incredibly funny and light-hearted about life and lived every second to the utmost.”

Singh’s funeral took place on Sunday at the Elev8 Church in Brookdale, Phoenix. He leaves behind his wife, Patricia, and children Ashton, Divona, Cameron and Tevin.

Bradley Singh, a minister of Parliament, who had been friends with Singh for 25 years, said: “He was an incredible human being and an exceptiona­l DJ. He has helped many Indian youth in the music industry, where he trained them to the best of his ability.

“One of his beliefs in life was the importance of being authentic with people, saying what needs to be said because it’s good for the relationsh­ip and for the soul.”

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DJ Devan Singh

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