Celebritie­s get first jab


ACTRESS Sonakshi Sinha on Monday took the Covid-19 vaccine.

At the weekend actor Gurmeet Choudhary got his jab and also used the opportunit­y to advocate for the vaccine.

Sinha shared a photograph on Instagram where she is seen getting the injection on her left arm.

She captioned the photo: “#Vaccine manjhe #Victory!!!”, encouragin­g fans and followers to get vaccinated.

Choudhary also posted a picture on Instagram on Saturday of himself getting his first shot.

He said: “#GotVaccina­ted. Please don’t wait for any kind of ‘this or that’ thoughts or news, vaccinatio­n is very important not only for you but for all your surroundin­gs, this is one of the biggest ways of how you can help #India is to get yourself vaccinated.

“It’s my humble request to all of you, please register and get yourself scheduled at the nearest and available centres/hospitals.”

His wife, actress Debina Bonnerjee, also posted a picture herself getting vaccinated on Friday night.

Choudhary recently announced plans to open 1 000-bed hospitals in Patna and Lucknow.

“Today Covid has hit, tomorrow there will be many more dreadful diseases which will require us to fight against them.

“We are starting from Lucknow and Patna as the main centres of this project as they are the epicentre of the nation and they connect to all the other states.

“Once those are formed, we will replicate the same in other states too. All the hospitals will be equipped with AI technology and will be under the guidance of specialist­s,” he said.

According to data revealed by India’s Union Health Ministry on Monday, Maharashtr­a, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh were among the top 10 states that accounted for 73.91% of new Covid-19 cases registered in 24 hours.

The data further showed that 10 states accounted for 72.86% of the new deaths, and Maharashtr­a had the maximum casualties (572). Karnataka followed with 490 daily deaths. |

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