Think carefully when voting


WITH the upcoming elections, and looking back at the ANC’s looting of our country, it makes one rethink one’s vote for the ANC.

Yes, the ANC liberated the country. However, it does not give them the right to steal public funds.

They also sideline Indians with BBBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowermen­t), which is racist.

It shows that radical economic transforma­tion in the ANC is stealing state funds, tenders for friends and looting.

Indians should never vote for the ANC as, what have they really done for the Indian communitie­s?

The ANC-led municipali­ties in eThekwini and Pietermari­tzburg shows their racism clearly towards the Indian communitie­s, who are diligent ratepayers.

In eThekwini, the looting of tenders by the former mayor ... and still she is defended. They also sideline Indians from attending municipal auctions.

In Pietermari­tzburg, the ANC does nothing for the Indian community, plunging the area into a slum with no service delivery.

Yet, the Indian ratepayers still pay diligently.

The ANC clearly and openly displays racism towards South African Indians – our children cannot access universiti­es, the unemployed cannot access employment, no service delivery for what we pay for.

So, how can the ANC even conceive wanting the Indian voter to vote for it?

We have many Indians who will defend this, yet deep down know the truth. The reason why is that they get paid a fat salary to do so.

Democracy is 27 years into existence and people must not vote for thieves. Vote for the proper person to take office.

The ANC cannot hide away from this truth as they operate as communists and racists. The eye of the public must be open to the truth of this.

The ANC cadres must not put up an “equality” smokescree­n. It is a fact that the ANC has no space for Indians yet to talk about equality.

It is time ANC heads – premiers, mayors and councillor­s – own up to this fact as the Indian community are not fools.

Racial segregatio­n is done by the ANC themselves and they continue to do so and do not stop.



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