Party is in tatters because of corruption


SOUTH Africa is much blessed in having two frog corruption. Such linen hanging in the market square is blessed by the once mighty respected ANC – their dream hangs in shame and their pride and glories are shattered.

Corruption has dragged this once glorious organisati­on and brought it to tatters.

The infighting is rearing its ugly head at the marketplac­e, and the comradeshi­p is fast losing its credibilit­y in the world.

The ANC’s Department of Education have lured many to streamline and unify education for all in South Africa.

Private schools have been offered exorbitant rentals and intent to purchase.

Many of these school administra­tors are bob-whistling for their rentals.

The government must take cognisance of the fact that these schools have been built by the sweat and tears of collective bunch of parents, whose ancestors were British slaves in the fields.

For the future of their children, therefore, they will ensure that they are harmonious­ly educated.

A foreigner friend of mine told me: “Your country was ruled by half-mad people and it seems the new rule is going in that very direction.”

LALLO HARIRAM Umhlanga Ridge

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