Our ministers should be experts in their fields


THE deployment of ANC cadres to senior government positions is a contentiou­s issue and it is flawed.

This came up at the commission of inquiry into allegation­s of state capture.

I understand that a majority party will have higher representa­tion in Parliament.

Having a higher representa­tion is one thing but fielding candidates without important portfolios is another thing.

Since democracy, the ANC has seen white, Indian and coloured political representa­tives dwindle and with it a wealth of governing experience.

It made mistakes by deploying inexperien­ced personnel to key government positions just because they sacrificed their lives as undergroun­d operatives and lived in exile.

Some of these people were entrenched in corruption and have looted the state coffers.

For years, some government representa­tives who did not perform well at home were dispatched abroad as South African ambassador­s.

Perhaps they were better suited to hosting weekly embassy parties.

Our ministers should be experts in their fields.

They should have obtained credible degrees from South African universiti­es, complement­ed by PhD and MBA degrees, and not from overseas and online institutio­ns.

They should be intellectu­al scholars with a vision and unparallel­ed powers of perception­s.

They should be able to hold their own in public space, especially when speaking.

Transparen­cy, accountabi­lity and unbiased opinion are what we need.

Maybe there’s truth when George Bernard Shaw, Irish critic and political activist, said: “There are two tragedies in life. One is not to get your heart’s desire. The other is to get it ..."



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