Covid-19 restricts Eid festivitie­s


WITH the Covid-19 induced restrictio­ns and despite the testing times we are living through, by the grace of Almighty, Muslims were able to fast, pray in mosques and successful­ly and spirituall­y complete Ramadan.

As Muslims are about to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr; a celebratio­n that takes place every year after a month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting during Ramadan, sadly, Eid celebratio­ns, like last year, will not be the same this year, due to the unpreceden­ted virus. Eid celebratio­ns during a pandemic are different from what it used to be. However, Eid will surely bring joy and some good times in everyone’s lives.

While Eid is a time for families to happily spend time and enjoy the moment together, it is also one of great sadness for those of us who recall joyful times with loved ones who are no more in our midst and will be missing from Eid tables this year.

Whether we are feeling this grief ourselves, or know someone who is, sadness is something we cannot ignore, and it becomes more painful when a joyous or festive day like Eid arrives.

Covid-19 has highlighte­d the imbalances, disparitie­s, inequaliti­es, the lived realities and profound pain of less privileged people. These must be addressed. Human beings, as God’s vicegerent­s on earth, must be committed to the good fight to create a better world for all of humanity.

We need to curb the spread of Covid-19 together as one nation and we cannot ignore or forget about the situation.

Celebrate Eid responsibl­y by taking all the necessary safety precaution­s and measures.

MOHAMED SAEED Pietermari­tzburg

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