Mystical journey unravels


DR AMAN Singh Maharaj will launch his novel, A Dalliance with Destiny, this month.

Singh Maharaj, of Durban, said the contempora­ry-fiction novel was about a seemingly brash man in his thirties who fights to remain lucid in what appeared to be an irrational world.

The novel, published by Austin Macauley in England, spans a century, and is set in South Africa and India.

“While everyone around him is still celebratin­g the euphoric entry of his country into the rest of the democratic world, he is at odds with it.

“After a series of distressin­g experience­s, he attempts to extinguish the raison d’être (reason for being) of his angst by embarking on an increasing­ly mystical journey to India with an unconventi­onal best friend,” he said.

Singh Maharaj, an entreprene­ur, said he started writing the book in 2006.

“I have always been an avid reader. As a young child, my mother would often take me to the library. I was probably about 5 years old, and could not even read properly, but we would borrow books and I think that is what got me into a reading frame of mind.

“Over the years, I always knew there was a book within me. In 2006, I had the time to begin writing and succeeded. I wrote 1 200 pages in three months.

“As I wrote each word, the next would come to me. I did not have to plan. It all unravelled.

“However, I had been editing the book, on and off, for the past 16 years, as time permitted. The last edit was done a month ago, with the book being about 400 pages.”

Singh Maharaj, who has an MBA and a PhD in developmen­t studies, while working in diverse profession­s, including as an engineer and economist, said he hoped to write more books.

“I do have a few more stories at the back of my head, which I will work on soon.”

He will host book launches from 3pm-5pm in Durban, on June 25; Johannesbu­rg, on July 2; and Cape Town on July 9.

To attend and to purchase the book, email MsRheaMoha­

The novel will also be available online and at local bookstores.

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 ?? Supplied ?? DR AMAN Singh Maharaj will launch his book this month.
Supplied DR AMAN Singh Maharaj will launch his book this month. |

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