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■ Shan­dray Goven­der: Hu­mans are quick to judge com­ment or pass judge­ment. This is from God's hand – it's in­evitable – we all go through our life path – God sends us chal­lenges and heartache – please don't be quick to be the judge here. Ev­ery­thing in life hap­pens for a rea­son. Have you ever thought of the reper­cus­sions if this lit­tle girl was ab­ducted and kid­napped by hi­jack­ers? Yes, they were the crim­i­nals not the fa­ther. God works in mirac­u­lous ways and so what if he's a pas­tor, he's a hu­man first. Please don't be quick to judge or crit­i­cise. In a minute your life could change too, then you will re­alise the heartache of los­ing a child – rea­son not im­por­tant, the only thing that mat­ters is the tragedy. Al­ways look at the pos­i­tive­ness in this sad act. It’s sad and try to be a good hu­man to your­self and God.

■ Na­dine Goven­der: If they got away with that child what would they have done to her? This is a sick world. I just pray for God to give the fam­ily strength to cope. ■ Kar­nagie Goven­der: When I re­ceived the fake msg. I lit my lamp in the mid­dle of the day to pray for this fam­ily. No par­ent should have to lose their child to crime. I prob­a­bly would have also shot at the ve­hi­cle if I had a gun. My parental instinct would be to pre­vent the hi­jacker from driv­ing off with my child. We live in a sick world where the vic­tim is ac­cused of be­ing the crim­i­nal. This fa­ther has so much to deal with. The trauma, the loss of his daugh­ter and now this. Have mercy peo­ple! I pray this fam­ily can sur­vive this. I pray the wife will stand by her hus­band and give him the sup­port he needs. Re­mem­ber they have a son who needs them to be strong. What­ever the re­sult, I still stand in sup­port of this fa­ther. I hope all you read­ers will join me in pray­ing for this fam­ily. For Sa­dia’s sake.



■ Me­lanie Reddy: That's the God we serve… truly amaz­ing… a God of the im­pos­si­ble… stay blessed… the Lord has kept you for a plan and a pur­pose, he will con­tinue to guide and strengthen you.

■ Ke­shani Sivie Poovalingam: Well done. May God keep you healthy and may you achieve all your dreams and wishes. All the best. Thank you God for an­swer­ing all our prayers.


■ Le­sha Veeran: Lots of peo­ple make men­tion of one restau­rant, if that restau­rant is in­fected then ev­ery other restau­rant in that area is in­fected too. Cock­roaches don't stay in one area.

■ Shaun Goven­der: I try my best not to eat out. There are some sick peo­ple who work within their kitchens. Home-cooked is the best.

■ Farzana Sheik Ahmed: A food restau­rant is sup­posed to be clean at all times be­cause of health and safety is­sues, it’s not sup­posed to be cleaned only when there is an in­spec­tion or com­plaint.

It’s sup­posed to be on a daily ba­sis and it is sup­posed to be pest con­trolled once or twice a month, that’s a house rule at a fast food store.

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