Rahul thanks fam­ily sup­port for his suc­cess


FOR New­cas­tle res­i­dent,

Rahul Bri­j­nath, pic­tured, suc­cess comes not only by hard work and ded­i­ca­tion but also with the sup­port of your loved ones.

Bri­j­nath is busy film­ing for a lo­cal TV se­ries and he is pre­par­ing for the re­lease of a film early next year.

“The film hits cin­e­mas at the end of Jan­uary 2019, and we are all ex­cited for its re­lease. I play the part of the brother to Jailoshini Naidoo and Ka­jal Bag­wan­deen, and Lil­lette Dubey plays our mom. For years, I have ad­mired the work of these three fab­u­lous ladies, and to get the chance to act along­side them is amaz­ing.

“My un­cle Chummy Ish­war Bri­j­nath, who is my big­gest sup­porter apart from my par­ents Shaam and Pramodh, saw me per­form­ing on stage one day and en­cour­aged me to rather fur­ther my stud­ies in drama and me­dia at the Uni­ver­sity of KwaZulu-Natal. He even paid for my stud­ies, and I owe ev­ery­thing I have be­come to him.”

The 33-year-old, who now lives in Reser­voir Hills, will soon be ap­pear­ing on hit lo­cal se­ries, Uzalo, which airs on SABC 1.

He plays the part of “Riki” in the highly an­tic­i­pated movie, Three days to go.

Bri­j­nath said his pas­sion for be­ing cen­tre stage came to him at a very young age.

“Grow­ing up in New­cas­tle, every­one was pas­sion­ate about kids – sup­port­ing them and build­ing their con­fi­dence.

“My par­ents were devo­tees of the Rama Kr­ishna Cen­tre, and the cen­tre would host these cul­tural com­pe­ti­tions and get the kids in­volved. I re­mem­ber my big break,” he laughs.

“I was six, and my role was a beg­gar boy. I played the role so well I won an award for the tem­ple,” he said.

“Back then peo­ple took pride. It was a com­pe­ti­tion for the tem­ple not for an in­di­vid­ual. There was so much ca­ma­raderie and par­ents would get to­gether, and hand­make the cos­tumes. Par­ents and their kids re­ally bonded that way,” he said.

Bri­j­nath beamed as he spoke about his sons, Bheem Hri­day, 7, and Nakul Ud­hav, 4.

“My love for my boys is un­mea­sur­able. They al­ways see me on TV and say ‘Hey dad, it’s you’. I will never for­get the day I felt ac­com­plished as an ac­tor. I was at my son’s school, and he stood proud and said to his friends, ‘My dad is an ac­tor’.

“I think the uni­verse spun 360 de­grees and back. His words touched me and gave me con­vic­tion and con­fi­dence.”

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