Dhall Makhani

Post - - RECIPES -

125g moong dhall

125g ma­soor dhall

6 tbs oil

1 heaped tsp freshly ground gin­ger

4 tbs but­ter

4 tbs Chilli Kad­hai Curry Paste

Green chill­ies (op­tional)

1 tsp elachi pow­der (car­damom) 150g tomato purée

Boil dhall un­til al­most cooked, and re­tain the wa­ter.

In a sep­a­rate pot, sauté onion in oil and add gin­ger.

Stir and add but­ter.

Stir in curry paste, elachi pow­der and tomato purée.

Add boiled dhall with half of the wa­ter and al­low to sim­mer for 15 min­utes on medium/low heat.

Check reg­u­larly and add more wa­ter if nec­es­sary. Once com­pletely cooked, add cream and gar­nish with chopped dha­nia. Add salt ac­cord­ing to taste. Serves 6-8.

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