Con­cern­ing spike in sui­cide cases among the In­dian com­mu­nity


I AM some­what shocked and sad­dened by the sud­den spike in sui­cides in our In­dian com­mu­nity. This self-in­flicted, si­lent death is not to be hushed up.

Why end your life when your fu­ture lies ahead? Why must par­ents or fam­ily mem­bers now be forced to go through the pain of bury­ing their young chil­dren or rel­a­tives?

If bul­ly­ing is the rea­son, then death is a vic­tory for the bully with no con­science. If a bro­ken heart is a rea­son, then dy­ing for some­one who doesn’t love you would be in vain.

If fail­ure in school is the rea­son, then what are rewrites and sup­ple­men­tary ex­ams for? If un­em­ploy­ment is the rea­son, no mone­tary value can buy back your life. Sui­cide is a no thank you to your par­ents, fam­ily and friends, and a cow­ardly good­bye to all of them!

What hap­pened to open com­mu­ni­ca­tion and our bonds with our par­ents and sib­lings? Since when did your diaries and so­cial me­dia be­come your fam­ily and friends?

Should we not share our grief and pain and bur­dens with our loved ones, be­ing our par­ents, sib­lings, rel­a­tives, friends, school bud­dies, teach­ers, priests and neighbours?

If and when you do con­fide in your friends and fam­ily, etc, that you want to end it all, that life is not worth it, that you can’t take it any more, that you have been hurt too much, what do they do? If they don’t take you se­ri­ously, or take it as a joke, they must be nuts, as no one jokes about death or sui­cide!

If they keep quiet and don’t talk you out of it, or fail to men­tion this to some­one who can ac­tu­ally speak to you and in­flu­ence you not to do so, then they have failed you. Still, don’t give up hope. Seek good friends and helpers.

Sui­cide is the cow­ard’s way out. Please don’t do it. Re­venge is not the rea­son to hurt those who love and value you. Speak up, speak out, speak life. Seek help. Re­spect your par­ents who raised you. Don’t in­sult God, your Maker.

To all those who have writ­ten ex­ams, students, ma­tric­u­lants, the uni­ver­sity and col­lege students, hope you stud­ied hard and did well. If not, try again, love life and live for ev­ery day.

You are des­tined to have good friends, get mar­ried, be good role mod­els, have great jobs and ca­reers; the fu­ture is in your hands. Seize your mo­ments. Life is pre­cious, make it last!

Sea­sons greet­ings and a blessed, joy­ous, healthy and pros­per­ous new year to the edi­tor, staff and read­ers.

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