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When it comes to sell­ing prop­erty, while the po­ten­tial money sav­ing ben­e­fits of go­ing solo may ap­peal, the ex­pe­ri­ence and ease that es­tate agen­cies of­fer can­not be beat.

In an at­tempt to cut down on costs, some sell­ers might be con­tem­plat­ing list­ing their homes with­out the services of a real es­tate pro­fes­sional. Although it may seem like a great way to re­duce costs and avoid pay­ing the com­mis­sion fees charged by real es­tate agents, it also means that the seller will have to do all the work them­selves.

“At first glance, sell­ing a prop­erty pri­vately may ap­pear to be an easy process of just list­ing the home on­line and wait­ing for a po­ten­tial buyer to come call­ing, but there is a rea­son that only five per­cent of South African home­own­ers de­cide to take this route,” says Adrian Goslett, Re­gional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of South­ern Africa.

“Apart from the con­ve­nience of leav­ing it to a pro­fes­sional, an es­tate agent brings

sev­eral other cru­cial val­ues to the ta­ble. As an ex­pert work­ing within the prop­erty mar­ket on a daily ba­sis, an agent will be able to as­sist the seller in cor­rectly pric­ing their home, mar­ket­ing and advertising the house, be avail­able for show days, and ne­go­ti­ate the sale.”

Due to their ex­per­tise in the field, an agent is far bet­ter equipped to han­dle the sale process, tak­ing much of the re­spon­si­bil­ity off the shoul­ders of the seller. If an es­tate agent does not sell the prop­erty, they do not get paid, so it is in their best in­ter­est to en­sure that they make ev­ery ef­fort to find the right cal­i­bre of prospec­tive buy­ers.

Ac­cord­ing to Goslett, there are four other rea­sons why us­ing an agent will help sell­ers make the most money in the short­est amount of time when sell­ing their homes: Po­ten­tial Profit

While many peo­ple think they will make more money by avoid­ing pay­ing com­mis­sion fees and han­dling the sale them­selves, sta­tis­tics re­veal oth­er­wise. In most cases, sell­ing the prop­erty through an agent will bring about a higher profit, of­ten enough to cover com­mis­sion and more. “The es­tate agent has the ex­pe­ri­ence and re­sources to price the home ap­pro­pri­ately,” ex­plains Goslett. Ac­cord­ing to stud­ies, homes that are priced cor­rectly when they are first listed, sell faster, and for a bet­ter price than those that list at in­flated prices and linger on the mar­ket for longer than they should. “The longer the home stays on the mar­ket, the more the price tag will de­crease.”

Save Time

It will not take long to list a prop­erty on­line, but that is not where it ends. There is also the mat­ter of han­dling po­ten­tial buy­ers, not to men­tion home in­spec­tors and ap­prais­ers, which can all be ex­tremely time-con­sum­ing. “An agent will also be able to screen buy­ers, help sell­ers to pre­pare for home in­spec­tions, and en­sure that the whole sales process is han­dled ef­fi­ciently,” says Goslett.

Ne­go­ti­a­tion Skills

“Agents ne­go­ti­ate and make deals for a liv­ing, so there is a good chance that an agent will get a bet­ter deal for the seller than the seller would them­selves,” says Goslett. Con­sid­er­ing that a home sale is prob­a­bly one of the big­gest deals one could make, it makes sense to use the ne­go­ti­at­ing skills of a sea­soned pro­fes­sional. List­ing the home with an agent also means that the seller will get the mar­ket­ing power of the agent, and ac­cess to their net­work and con­nec­tions. Lower Risk

If a home­owner sells the prop­erty them­selves, they run the risk of mak­ing mis­takes and deal­ing with the pos­si­ble le­gal con­se­quences. “The [sell­ing] process can be com­pli­cated, and there is a lot of pa­per­work that needs to be com­pleted cor­rectly. An agent will know the ins and outs of what it re­quired and how it needs to be filled out,” says Goslett.

Due to the na­ture of prop­erty sales and the huge fi­nan­cial im­pact these trans­ac­tions have on the lives of peo­ple, the right es­tate agent can add value and be a help­ful, pro­fes­sional guide for home­own­ers to rely on.

Agents ne­go­ti­ate and make deals for a liv­ing, so there is a good chance that an agent will get a bet­ter deal for the seller than the seller would them­selves.

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