The Chang­ing Se­cu­rity Land­scape

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As crim­i­nals and crimes con­tinue to evolve, it is essen­tial that se­cu­rity providers chal­lenge the sta­tus quo.

Ac­cord­ing to Jacki Con­don, Man­ag­ing Director of Apache Se­cu­rity Services, many in the se­cu­rity in­dus­try have re­lied on static and ar­chaic ap­proaches, watch­ing – mo­tion­less – as the world con­tin­ues to evolve. This se­verely im­pedes the abil­ity to max­imise over­all se­cu­rity and man­age risks ef­fec­tively.

PREMIER got ad­vice from Con­don re­gard­ing the steps com­pa­nies should be tak­ing to up their se­cu­rity game and pro­mote peace of mind.

PREMIER: What are the mis­takes com­pa­nies are mak­ing when it comes to se­cu­rity?

Jacki Con­don (J.C): Many se­cu­rity com­pa­nies and their clients still re­peat­edly use the same tac­tics and meth­ods. The same costly re­sults and con­stant headaches linger, and unchecked risks are ag­gra­vated. The safest and most se­cure com­pa­nies in Africa have pre­vi­ously ex­pe­ri­enced loss of con­trol and low as­set pro­tec­tion re­sults. How­ever, by

Killing se­cu­rity as you know it is the only way to save com­pa­nies from the threats they face on an hourly ba­sis.

mak­ing fun­da­men­tal changes to their ap­proach to se­cu­rity and the di­nosaurs pro­vid­ing them, they have rec­ti­fied these mis­takes.

PREMIER: What is some­thing com­pa­nies should do re­gard­ing their se­cu­rity?

J.C: Killing se­cu­rity as you know it is the only way to save com­pa­nies from the threats they face on an hourly ba­sis. Com­pa­nies need to con­sider that ev­ery­thing they know (or thought they knew) about se­cu­rity was ac­tu­ally hold­ing their loss preven­tion suc­cess back.

PREMIER: What steps should be taken to mod­ernise se­cu­rity in com­pa­nies?

J.C: Firstly, an in­dus­try au­thor­ity must be con­tacted to trans­form cur­rent se­cu­rity ex­penses into a mean­ing­ful, value pro­vid­ing port­fo­lio. This as­tute busi­ness move of­ten means the dif­fer­ence be­tween life and death, prof­its and losses, and high and low lev­els of em­ployee safety. The se­cond step is ad­just­ing the plan. A site-spe­cific risk anal­y­sis ex­poses gaps, and en­sures that loop­holes are closed, guar­an­tee­ing that ex­ter­nal threats are kept out and in­ter­nal threats are ex­posed. The plan should de­note high lev­els of pro­fes­sion­al­ism, di­rect man­age­ment, and the em­ploy­ment of ex­pe­ri­enced se­cu­rity guards. The third step is pay­ing per­sonal at­ten­tion to en­sure the on­go­ing de­vel­op­ment of the se­cu­rity strat­egy. In any sec­tor, per­sonal at­ten­tion by man­age­ment is re­quired for suc­cess. Owner-driven and pas­sion­ate teams de­liver mea­sur­able and re­li­able re­sults. From fre­quent site vis­its to ex­cel­lent dis­ci­pline and ran­dom test­ing, a hands-on ap­proach is essen­tial in this in­dus­try.

PREMIER: What ap­proach does Apache Se­cu­rity pro­vide to com­pa­nies re­gard­ing their se­cu­rity?

J.C: Through in­no­va­tion, world travel, and the savvy use of tech­nol­ogy, mas­sive dis­rup­tion can be achieved in the se­cu­rity services arena. To be ef­fec­tive, the ap­proach must kill off old-school meth­ods, while pro­vid­ing clients with a se­cu­rity port­fo­lio that adds sig­nif­i­cant value to their bot­tom line. Apache strives to do this with ev­ery client.

Se­cu­rity is a fun­da­men­tal as­pect of any busi­ness; keep­ing up with the chang­ing land­scape of crime and se­cu­rity with ef­fec­tive so­lu­tions will go a long way in pro­mot­ing peace of mind.

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Jacki Con­don, Man­ag­ing Director of Apache Se­cu­rity Services

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