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Buffon has the passion, Italy have the players


IF THERE’S anyone still wondering what Italy’s intentions are at this European Championsh­ip, they need look no further than Gianluigi Buffon’s angry reaction after the Azzurri’s semi-final win over Germany. While his team-mates celebrated, Buffon could not ignore the way Italy allowed a penalty kick in injury time of a 2-1 win, plus a few other chances for Germany that could have sent the match to extra time. Buffon said: “I don’t celebrate second place. We should have avoided those last five minutes of sufferance. Football is a game, but when you reach the semi-finals of a European Championsh­ip it’s not a game any more.” One of the pillars of Italy’s 2006 World Cup victory, Buffon can add another trophy with a win over Spain in tomorrow’s final.

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