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Murdered bride ‘was upset’

Claims hijacked couple sat apart on honeymoon flight to Cape Town


BRITAIN’S The Mail on Sunday reported yesterday that Anni Dewani had been crying when she and her husband Shrien flew to Cape Town, and had, according to cabin crew, not wanted to sit with him.

The source of the story was Anni’s father, Vinod Hindocha, who told the newspaper he had heard that the two newlyweds were sitting separately and Anni was crying.

The air hostess apparently asked Anni if she would like to sit with Shrien, but Anni said “no”.

It is not clear where this informatio­n originated from, or indeed how it was passed to Anni’s family.

However, Shrien’s lawyer has denied any hostility between the couple on their honeymoon. Anni was hijacked and murdered after the couple, who had been staying at a Waterfront hotel, ventured into Gugulethu township at about 11pm on Saturday just over a week ago.

After Shrien Dewani was dumped on Oscar Mpetha Road, he walked about 300m down the main road towards a nor mally busy intersecti­on and then cut through a row of shacks, banging on doors.

He found help at the home of a City of Cape Town auditor, Simbonile Matokazi, 33, who had just returned from dropping off friends at Cape Town Internatio­nal Airport. Matokazi remembers the time as 11.12pm as he had just misscalled his wife to open the garage door.

“He just came in from that side,” said Matokazi who saw Dewani emerge from between two shacks as he was about to pull into his garage.

“He was sort of like walking. He said to me, ‘Excuse me, is there a nearby police station where I can report a hijack because my wife and I were hijacked?”

Matokazi said before he called the police, Dewani, who was wearing a suit and a nice shirt, told him he had been “kicked out of the car” they were in.

However, Matokazi said he did not notice any visible injuries on Dewani, nor did he look ruffled up or dirty: “I just saw a decent guy.

“I was wondering what is a white guy doing here this time of night? I asked him what kind of car they were driving and he didn’t know. He said he thought it was a VW.

“After a few minutes standing with my wife I asked him what his name was and he said Shrien. I still remember the name.

“I asked where did the car go? And he pointed towards Monwabisi Beach.”

He said Dewani paced up and down outside his garage, crying softly, while waiting for the police.

Police arrived about 15 minutes later and questioned Dewani who pointed out the direction the hijackers had apparently taken.

At Dewani’s request he and the officer then launched an immediate search for the vehicle, a VW Sharan MPV, along Oscar Mpetha Road in the direction of Monwabisi Beach.

A source involved in the manhunt by Khayelitsh­a police said Dewani was driven back to his hotel to get the vehicle details and the driver’s name. The source said he had to phone his UK family to obtain these details.

Still more details surroundin­g the hijacking and murder of Anni Dewani were expected to emerge today when three men accused of killing her appear in the Wynberg Regional Court.

At the weekend Mziwamadod­a Qwabe, 25, of Khayelitsh­a, Xolile Mngeni, 23, of Khayelitsh­a and Zola Robert Tongo, 31, of Bothasig, participat­ed in an identity parade involving two local witnesses.

The witnesses had pointed out the three, who were due to appear together for the first time in the dock today.

They face murder, kidnapping and robbery with aggravated circumstan­ces charges in a case which is drawing huge media interest locally and in Britain.

Police are still looking for a fourth suspect, a man, 31, who may have worked at the couple’s hotel.

Yesterday Qwabe’s attor ney, Thabo Nogemane, said he had been present at the Manenberg police station where the identity parade was held two days ago.

He was surprised Shrien Dewani had not been there to point out the suspects. Weekend reports had suggested Dewani would return to South Africa for the identity parade as he had indicated his desire to help police solve the case.

Anni’s father Hindocha, was quoted in Britain’s Daily Mail as being disappoint­ed that his son-inlaw had not gone back to Cape Town to identify the attackers.

Hindocha flew to Cape Town after hearing his daughter had died. He said he was not told what was happening and had not been contacted by the police since leaving the country.

Nogemane indicated that he would divulge further informatio­n in court today. He said based on what came out during court proceeding­s, Qwabe would decide whether or not to go ahead with a bail applicatio­n.

William de Grass, the attorney representi­ng Tongo, who had been driving the honeymooni­ng couple in Gugulethu on the night of the hijacking and murder, confirmed his client was pointed out in the identity parade but declined to comment further.

Last week it emerged Tongo planned to turn State witness and enter into a plea bargain with the State.

Yesterday Nikki Linde, spokeswoma­n for the Cape Grace hotel where the Dewanis had stayed the night before the murder, said no staff member had been arrested or was a suspect in the case.

“That’s all I can confirm… We are assisting the police as far as we can but I have no details,” she said.

Various media reports have indicated through sources that Shrien Dewani has been considered by some to be a suspect in the murder of his wife.

Police spokesman Andre Traut said as the matter was before court, he would not comment on the case.

Billy Gundelfing­er, a Joburg attor ney appointed by Shrien Dewani, confirmed that Dewani was not in the country.

“He has not been asked to do an ID parade. He has not been asked to come back.”

Gundelfing­er said he was holding a watching brief.


 ?? PICTURE: FACEBOOK ?? Murder victim Anni Dewani, 28, who was hijacked and killed while on honeymoon in South Africa with her millionair­e husband Shrien Dewani, 30.
PICTURE: FACEBOOK Murder victim Anni Dewani, 28, who was hijacked and killed while on honeymoon in South Africa with her millionair­e husband Shrien Dewani, 30.
 ??  ?? Shrien Dewani who has questions hanging over him.
Shrien Dewani who has questions hanging over him.
 ??  ?? Simbonile Matokazi, who helped Shrien Dewani on that fateful night.
Simbonile Matokazi, who helped Shrien Dewani on that fateful night.

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