Ubuntu baba: sup­port lo­cal en­trepreneurs

Ubuntu Baba story teaches us to sup­port lo­cal brands, writes Marchelle Abra­hams

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IN A world where “per­fec­tion” is used to de­scribe the mod­ern mother, Ubuntu Baba founder Shan­non McLaugh­lin chose to find her happy place do­ing the best that she could for her son Leo.

To­day, the mom and en­tre­pre­neur has built her sus­tain­able brand on stylish, func­tional and or­ganic baby car­ri­ers.

Pity about the Woolworths de­ba­cle where the re­tailer was forced to with­draw its sim­i­lar-look­ing baby car­ri­ers after an out­cry from McLaugh­lin and so­cial me­dia fol­low­ers.

While the store was sell­ing the car­rier at a third of the price be­cause it was man­u­fac­tured in China, Ubuntu Baba car­ri­ers are made ex­clu­sively in South Africa, sup­port­ing job cre­ation and en­sur­ing the money gets pumped back into our econ­omy.

Now that Woolworths has apol­o­gised, McLaugh­lin has called on it and other big cor­po­rates to sup­port and de­velop small busi­nesses.

“Big cor­po­ra­tions, like Woolworths, should NOT be al­lowed to take ad­van­tage of lo­cal SMEs the way that they have clearly been do­ing. In­stead, they should be look­ing into ways where they can sup­port, rather than hin­der small busi­nesses in South Africa,” she wrote on her blog shortly after meet­ing the re­tailer.

The Ubuntu Baba car­rier has been re­ceiv­ing wide­spread at­ten­tion, but it’s a pity it had to take a so­cial me­dia storm to high­light the brand.

The idea to start Ubuntu Baba came from McLaugh­lin’s frus­tra­tion as a first-time mom who had no idea what she was do­ing.

Twelve weeks in, and with Leo con­stantly in her arms, she needed a way to stop the cry­ing. And so started her mis­sion for the per­fect baby car­rier once he be­came too heavy for the stretchy wrap.

After pur­chas­ing six dif­fer­ent car­ri­ers, she was get­ting nowhere and re­alised she had to make her own.

“My goal was to cre­ate an easy to use, breath­able and com­fort­able car­rier that could be used from the new­born days on­wards.

“After many dif­fer­ent pro­to­types and as­sur­ing my de­sign team time and time again that ‘okay, I swear this is the one!’, I fi­nally man­aged to de­sign my dream baby car­rier.”

The or­ganic hemp car­ri­ers are avail­able in two de­signs:

The Stage 1 (0 to 14 months) (R1 390): Gen­tle on C-sec­tion heal­ing, and with large pock­ets that fit nap­pies and wipes, the er­gonomic de­sign is in line with IHDI stan­dards.

The Stage 2 (R1 590): With front and back pock­ets, get your tod­dler to sleep within min­utes, through a busy mall in com­fort, or up a moun­tain with ease.

The brand also has Rev­ersible teething pads (R220-R495): Durable and rev­ersible, these teething pads keep your car­rier safe from drool while giv­ing your baby a soft place to chew.

■ Visit: https://ubun­tubaba.com/


En­tre­pre­neur Shan­non McLaugh­lin has built her sus­tain­able brand on stylish, func­tional and or­ganic baby car­ri­ers. |

Stage 1 @ R1 390

Rev­ersible teething pads @ R220 - R495

Stage 2 @ R1 590

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