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GLOBAL mea­sure­ment com­pany Nielsen yes­ter­day re­leased a new sur­vey that ex­am­ines South Africa’s dig­i­tal ver­sus real life habits. Nielsen’s Real life vs dig­i­tal

life re­port looks at the ob­ses­sion around so­cial me­dia, which cre­ates the il­lu­sion that dig­i­tal re­al­ity rules, putting all real life com­mu­ni­ca­tion on the back burner. How­ever, the con­sumer study found that 98 per­cent of South African con­sumers liked “talk­ing” ver­sus 95 per­cent, who liked “tap­ping” (dig­i­tal in­ter­ac­tion or com­mu­ni­ca­tion) when it came to shar­ing their brand ex­pe­ri­ences or seek­ing rec­om­men­da­tions. The re­port showed that al­though con­sumers were ac­tively en­gag­ing on­line, word-of-mouth or real life con­ver­sa­tions had a stronger in­flu­ence on con­sumers’ minds and their pur­chas­ing de­ci­sions. More than half of lo­cal re­spon­dents (77 per­cent) con­firmed that word-of-mouth in­flu­enced them highly (vs 65 per­cent so­cial me­dia, which in­cludes all types of in­ter­ac­tions that con­sumers have on­line, in­clud­ing tra­di­tional so­cial me­dia sites and web­sites). It found that global con­sumers tended to go dig­i­tal and use so­cial net­works more of­ten, but when it came to trust, they still re­lied on more tra­di­tional chan­nels. It said that, as a re­sult, in South Africa, news­pa­pers com­mand a trust to us­age in­dex of 225 points, tele­vi­sion 116 points and internet/dig­i­tal me­dia, a much lower in­dex of 77 points. Glob­ally, Mil­len­ni­als hap­pen to be the most loyal au­di­ence for all chan­nels, with news­pa­pers be­ing the most trusted chan­nel (in­dex of

356 points) for them. “On the flip­side, Baby Boomers are scep­ti­cal to­wards all chan­nels, and the Silent Gen­er­a­tion has a clear pref­er­ence to news­pa­pers (in­dex of 241 points).”

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