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Find as many words as you can in the Tar­get. Each word must use the cen­tral let­ter and at least three oth­ers, and let­ters may be used only once. No ab­bre­vi­a­tions, ini­tials, proper nouns or for­eign words un­less they are in ev­ery­day use.

To­day’s Tar­get: Av­er­age 25; Good 35; Very good 45; Ex­cel­lent 60.

YES­TER­DAY’S SO­LU­TION: ABORIGINE bagnio bairn bane bang banger bare barge bar­ing barn baron bean beano bear bear­ing be­gan be­gin be­go­nia be­ing berg bier bing binge bingo boar bo­gie bone bong bonier bor­age bore bor­ing born borne brae brag brain bran brig brine bring brio bro­gan ebon garb gibe giber grab graben orb­ing robe robin rob­ing

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