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7 ‘ugly’ fashion trends we lare loving for 2021


THESE days, everywhere you look, people are wearing something a little garish or obscure – until the day the appeal sinks in and you absolutely must get your hands on that outfit.

One of the most recent and iconic examples of this is the ugly sneakers trend which reared its head back in 2015. They initially seemed so outlandish only celebritie­s and influencer­s could pull them off.

Then the grandpa-esque shoes hit the shelves and those clunky kicks became cute and the rest of the fashion world caught up. Grandpa sneakers may have looked awkward with a pair of slim skinny jeans, but pair them with an oversized jacket and wide-leg pants or biker shorts and the combo is simply “chefs kiss”.

In 2021, there has been an onslaught of ugly fashion trends, some that we love and others we’ll warm up to. From preppy polo necks to platform sandals and jewellery that look more like sweets.

Ugly sandals

Ugly sandals are, well, the ugly stepsister­s of grandpa sneakers. From Birkenstoc­ks to square-toe mules with tiny heels and platform flip flops, the sandal trends that have emerged in 2021 are all about comfort and practicali­ty while making them chic. When styled just right, you’ll be wearing them from the beach to the streets. Whether it’s a billowing beach dress or faded cropped jeans, a pair of leather flip flops takes the look up a level.

Plastic jewellery

Chunky and impractica­l yet too aesthetica­lly pleasing to ignore, colourful pieces of jewellery that look like hard candy are the whimsical break from rose gold and silver we’ve all been waiting for. The trendy trinkets range from beaded phone chains to anklets and rings with pastel swirls or anything cut and animated like strawberri­es, mushrooms, stools and rainbows. Layer the pieces together for a cute and vibrant look.

Polo neck tops

Collared T-shirts were once the epitome of dowdy, but, when paired with a pleated tennis skirt and the right accessorie­s, you’ve suddenly got a super-trendy outfit. Polo tops fit in perfectly with the rise of preppy fashion, with their collars peaking through sweater vests and luxurious knits for that effortless­ly “puttogethe­r” style.

Chunky loafers

Loafers were once perfectly streamline­d offering outfits effortless classiness, but in 2021, they’ve been given a rugged makeover with the chunky lug soles of combat boots. Completely unlike the styles we’ve seen in the past these robust shoes will give anything you wear that extra edge.

The colour brown

Brown has always taken a back seat to black, but for 2021, it’s being revived as the toastier, trendier neutral that we can’t get enough of. Belts, boots and felt fedoras were as far as most people’s experiment­ation with brown went. Today, we’re seeing full-on brown outfits with the layering of brown garments and accessorie­s making for flawless looks you’d see in any fashion mag.

Wide leg pants

For the past decade or so, it was all about the skinny jean, and the tighter they were, the better. Now that we’re embracing comfort and Y2K fashion has made a comeback, we’re seeing wider silhouette­s dominating the fashion scene. Boot leg yoga pants, pleated straight cut trousers and flowing palazzo pants are just a few of the style’s we’ve been loving.


Garments with various patterned materials stitched together look chic when styled but have that frumpy, country vibe about them. Patchwork blouses and pants are the statement pieces of any outfit, so when you wear this trend, make sure you allow it to shine. Pair it with understate­d pieces like plain, patternles­s bottoms or tops and simple jewellery.

 ??  ?? These Chanel sandals have been taking over the fashion world since 2020. | Instagram.
These Chanel sandals have been taking over the fashion world since 2020. | Instagram.

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