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NGO urges government to fund guidance counsellor­s in schools


In the wake of alarming statistics showing a rise in teen and child suicide rates, bullying and drug use within schools, NGO Love to Live is calling for the reintroduc­tion of guidance counsellor­s in all public schools.

More crucially, they are calling on the government to allocate the necessary budget to support this essential initiative.

Dr Dan Moodley, chairman of Love to Live, stressed the importance of these profession­als in the school environmen­t. "Guidance counsellor­s play an invaluable role in offering early interventi­on, identifyin­g signs of distress and providing support to pupils facing challenges," he stated. "It's imperative that the government recognises this and provides the funds necessary to ensure every public school has access to the services of life counsellor­s."

Pupils, particular­ly in their formative years, grapple with myriad emotions and challenges. Guidance counsellor­s act as essential pillars of support, offering both emotional and academic assistance.

"These profession­als do more than just provide emotional support. They offer academic guidance, assisting pupils in navigating their educationa­l paths in line with their interests and aspiration­s."

Love to Live has launched an online petition to reinforce their call for the government to allocate funds for guidance counsellor­s in public schools. Supporters are encouraged to sign the petition at [https://](https://chng. it/bm9czxp9k5). "Every signature counts as we urge the government to prioritise the mental well-being and future of our pupils," remarked Moodley.

Love to Live will be holding a placard demonstrat­ion on Saturday, October 24, near the

City Hall and at the grounds opposite Northway Mall.

Reflecting on the pressing need for such profession­als, Moodley said, "We must remember that the choices we make today will shape our children's futures. By investing in guidance counsellor­s, we're prioritisi­ng the well-being of our pupils and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow."

For more informatio­n or to join the advocacy, Moodley can be reached at 082 4618178.

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