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Love to Live: 25 years of impact in Pietermari­tzburg


In the heart of Pietermari­tzburg, a beacon of hope and positivity has been shining brightly for the past 25 years. Love to Live, a non-profit organisati­on, is celebratin­g a quarter century of dedicated service to the community, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of many.

Since its inception, Love to Live has been at the forefront of addressing critical issues affecting the local community. Each year, they have taken on a unique theme, using it as a platform to engage, educate and uplift. This year's milestone celebratio­n is a testament to their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact.

Over the years, Love to Live has fearlessly tackled a myriad of themes, ranging from the “War Against Suicide" to "HIV/AIDS Awareness" and "Life is a Precious Gift". These themes are not just words; they represent the organisati­on's dedication to addressing pressing issues that often go unnoticed.

The annual event, scheduled for the beginning of May, serves as a poignant commemorat­ion of Love to Live's journey. It will be a celebratio­n of the 25 themes they have embraced over the years, showcasing the organisati­on's evolution and resilience.

For those unfamiliar with Love to Live's work, attending this event is an opportunit­y to witness the positive change they have brought to Pietermari­tzburg. It is a chance to stand in solidarity with an organisati­on that has been a pillar of support for the community.

This year's celebratio­n goes beyond just reflection: Love to Live calls on all schools to actively participat­e in the event. The benefits are immeasurab­le - not only for the schools themselves - but for the youth and the community whose lives will be touched by the themes and messages conveyed.

An appeal is made to schools to participat­e in and celebrate this milestone event.

Joining the celebratio­n is not merely an act of participat­ion; it is a step towards fostering a sense of community, understand­ing and empathy. Love to Live believes by the active involvemen­t of the schools, they can create a ripple effect, spreading awareness and inspiring positive action among the youth.

As Love to Live marks 25 years of service, let us join hands to celebrate their achievemen­ts, honour the themes that have shaped their journey and embrace the opportunit­y to contribute to a better future for Pietermari­tzburg. To all the schools in the area, the call is clear – be a part of this extraordin­ary event, and together, let's continue to build a community where love truly lives.

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